“My Way”

Feature Documentary (90m)

Directed by: Vinny Sisson & Dominique Mollee

Produced by: Rebekah Snyder

Edited by: Vinny Sisson


Front woman Rebekah and wild-at-heart Estonian tambourine player Annika of Rebekah Starr Band, set out on a journey across-country from rural Pennsylvania to big city Los Angeles, facing the trip’s hardships along the way, in hope of defying the odds and the doubts of small-town society.

Brief Synopsis

MY WAY begins with the conventional “small-town girl livin’ in a lonely (corporate) world.” Yet instead of taking the midnight train, Rebekah Starr swaps out her briefcase for a Les Paul, grabbing her sassy Estonian sidekick Annika and hitting the highway – destination? Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

When Rebekah’s marriage falls apart in real time, we realize her dream is not a whim. It is a burning passion for music that comes with its share of real world sacrifices. Thanks to the support from her newfound rock’n’roll legend friends, such as Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) and Rikki Rockett (Poison), Starr re-commits to her mission and sets out to do what she has always dreamed to do. Her contagious optimism acts as the film’s through line, inspiring anyone who might feel trapped by their circumstances.

Date: 2013 Client: RSB Project LLC Skills: Direction, Editing, Film Website: mywaythemovie.com