Hello, My Name is Vinny

I’ve been described by many words as a professional and as a person, but what I really want to come across is my genuine drive to make my clients happy, and to create.

I’ve worked in Hollywood writing, shooting, directing, and editing commercials, shorts, music videos and the like, as well as working on a plethora of other multimedia projects. I headed up a team of creative professionals who did nothing but eat, breathe and dream digital visual marketing and content.

I dabble in a lot! I’m usually called in when someone needs some type of visual media created for a project. I can comfortably call myself a video editor, cinematographer, director, producer, graphic, print and web designer. Within all of that, I have a strength in project management and scheduling, getting work done on time and under budget.

I specialize in pitches and presentations, taking drab notes and transforming them into something enjoyable for the viewer, whether the pitch comes in the form of a paper deck, a presentation or full promotional video. These are fun and incredible to work on with the producer/director who is spearheading the project.

Tongue in cheek, this is the part of my bio where I say I’m an award winning filmmaker! In 2013, the feature music documentary I edited and co-directed, My Way, went on to win 9 awards in the festival circuit, including Best Feature Documentary in the American International Film Festival. It features the likes of Poison’s Drummer, Rikki Rockett, as well as other notable 80s hairband rockers.

In 2020, I produced and was Director of Photography on a narrative feature film, “The Other Side of Darkness,” written and directed by Adam Deierling. The project was produced for his studio, Saturn Entertainment Studios. The film stars Maggie Callihan and is set to release late 2021.

I am a true collaborator. I take notes extremely well and will come up with creative solutions on my own if needed – no hand holding here! I am a self-starter with motivation and drive to make the project amazing no matter what. I work my ass off to keep my clients happy, and I love creating and making something new. I love the work.

When I’m not working, my life is centered on my family. My son, Killian, is autistic and he’s really amazing. My wife, Tess, is an incredibly funny, sarcastic woman and amazing mother who runs her own very successful online retail business, One Crafty Misfit. In 2017, we moved from California back to our home state of Ohio where our son could get the best specialized education to thrive.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my site, and hope to talk to you soon about your next project – let’s work together!